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  • Calf Size: 37-40 cm
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ROOTCAT: the default category when parsing; the value here is S (for sentence).

FILES: a list of files to be included; these should always end in .lfg; no file is listed here.

LEXENTRIES: a specification of which lexical entries are given precedence; here (TOY ENGLISH) indicates that the lexical entries in the TOY ENGLISH section are to be used.

RULES: a specification of which rules are given precedence; here (TOY ENGLISH) indicates that the rules in the TOY ENGLISH section are to be used.

TEMPLATES: a specification of which templates are given precedence; here (TOY ENGLISH) indicates that the templates in in the TOY ENGLISH section are to be used.

GOVERNABLERELATIONS: a list of grammatical relations which must be subcategorized for in order to appear, e.g., these obey completeness and coherence.

SEMANTICFUNCTIONS: a list of attributes whose values must contain a PRED.

NONDISTRIBUTIVES: a list of attributes which do not distribute when coordinated.

EPSILON: the category which is covert in the c-structure (for an example see the S rule in DEMO ENGLISH).

OPTIMALITYORDER: the ranking of optimality constraints; here no constraints are listed.

TOY ENGLISH RULES (1.0): the name of the portion of the file containing the rules; note that this section is terminated with four dashes (----).

TOY ENGLISH TEMPLATES (1.0): the names of the portion of the file containing the templates; note that this section is terminated with four dashes (----).

TOY ENGLISH LEXICON (1.0): the names of the portion of the file containing the lexical items; note that this section is terminated with four dashes (----).

At this point create an emacs file called:


In it, type in (or cut and paste from this documentation) exactly the information given Quiksilver Men’s Molokai Flip Flops Xkgw 8 UK Grey/Grey/Orange BBea2DW
. This will be the main grammar file. The next sections will describe how to enter the rules and templates and then how to create a lexicon file.

Rules are entered into XLE by editing the rule file ( toy-eng.lfg for this tutorial). The Version and Language are the two parts of the rule file that were introduced above.

The format for a single simple rule is the following:

The notation for the rule is closely related to the conventional appearance of LFG rules in published papers, but it includes a little more punctuation so that XLE can clearly understand the different aspects of the rule. (XLE's notation is also more expressive in many ways, as detailed in the documentation on Grammatical Notations .) You might write a simple S rule on paper by putting the schemata under the category, like this:

In this conventional notation, the association between categories and schemata is marked by their spatial arrangement: schemata are written immediately below their associated categories. This two-dimensional layout is difficult to type and also difficult for XLE to interpret. Thus rules are typed into XLE linearly, using punctuation marks to indicate how categories and schemata are grouped:

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Recently, I was looking for a way to do a task N times in JavaScript (like Ruby's N.times method), which I found ( _.times ) in the Underscore.js library. This discovery exposed me to an alternate way to call the Underscore methods, using its chaining syntax.

If you do a lot of work with Backbone, this syntax will be familiar. In Backbone, you can call many of the Underscore methods on models and collections:

But what might not be obvious is that if you want to iterate over an object with Underscore, you can do the following:

Which is the same as doing this:

This becomes beneficial if you're working on a Backbone project and have a non-Backbone object that you want to iterate over. Going from collection.each(function(){}) to _.each(objs, function(){}) can be jarring, while _(objs).each(function(){}) is less confusing due to its similiarity.

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