Women Lady's Outside Travel Low heel Sandals Shoes apricot qX5gjqOMKk

Women Lady's Outside Travel Low heel Sandals Shoes apricot qX5gjqOMKk
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Buckle
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Material Composition: Denim
Women Lady's Outside Travel Low heel Sandals Shoes apricot qX5gjqOMKk Women Lady's Outside Travel Low heel Sandals Shoes apricot qX5gjqOMKk

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How to Choose

Lakes Environmental Software

The model that is right for you depends on what type of data you will be processing and what kind of model standards you need to adhere to.

See this section for more information


Gaussian Plume Air Dispersion Model

Air Dispersion Modeling


AERMOD View is our most commonly used air dispersion model and is applicable to a wide range of buoyant or neutrally buoyant emissions up to a range of 50km.


Screening Air Dispersion Model for AERMOD

AERSCREEN View is a screening-level air quality model based on the US EPA AERMOD model which estimates worst-case ground level concentrations for a single source.


Atmospheric Radionuclide Transport Model

ARTM View is a graphical user-interface for the Atmospheric Radionuclide Transport Model (ARTM), which calculates the dispersion and deposition of released airborne radioactive materials in the atmosphere.


Lagrangian Particle Tracking Air Dispersion Model

AUSTAL View is a Lagrangian particle tracer model. Widely used in Germany, AUSTAL is capable of modeling complex wind fields and transient behavior.


Air Quality Management Information System

Emissions Managment

The Air Quality Management Information System (AQMIS) is a state-of-the-science cloud solution for emissions management and air quality used by regulatory agencies and facilities around the world.


Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive Model

Emergency Release

CBRNE Web provides proven off-the-shelf Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) modeling and forecast solutions. Our CBRNE Web focus on integrating the underlying state-of-science models within existing CBRNE command and control systems.


Long Range Transport Puff Air Dispersion Model

CALPUFF View is a non-steady state Gaussian puff model, suitable for long range transport, atmospheric chemistry, visibility and scenarios with complex wind fields, such as coastal and complex terrain areas.

CALRoads View

Traffic Air Dispersion Model

CALRoads View is a traffic dispersion model specifically designed for modeling emissions from vehicles. CALRoads can model timed intersections, parking lots and account from traffic patterns.

EcoRisk View

Ecological Risk Assessment Program

Risk Assessment

EcoRisk View is an advanced ecological risk assessment program for conducting a comprehensive multi-pathway risk assessment based on the US EPA Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment Protocol (SLERAP).

Grim Fandango Network

Serving the Grim Fandango community since 1998

OK, nobody said that getting through Grim Fandango would be easy. That’d be like getting the most delicious steak in the world and expecting it to be straightforward to chew. What, you don’t like well-done steak? Well, we can’t all be perfect.

Check out our walkthrough below if you’re a bit stuck and need a helping hand, kindly contributed by . If you’re just looking for hints, you might also wish to consider the Universal Hint System .

El Marrow

You begin this epic adventure in Manny’s office. Walk over to the message tube and pick up the message there. Pick up the deck of cards from the table,and leave the room.

Walk to the end of the corridor to encounter Eva, the secretary. Speak to her if you like, then use the deck of cards with the hole-punch. Walk towards thelifts, and use the one on the left-hand side of the screen.

Walk to the back of the garage and knock on the door of the metal hut to encounter Glottis. Talk to him until you get onto the subject of a driver – tell him you need one, and he should be your driver. He’s not too big – the cars are too small. You will receive a work order.

Go back to the upper lobby, and go down the other lift. Walk out of the large double doors. Walk towards the festival to encounter to sarcastic clown. Speak to him, and ask for two dead worms and a cat. Get some bread from the stall next to him.

Walk down the alley to the left until you come to the rope of ties. Climb up, and open the window of your boss. Change the auto-response on his computer to “Ah, cripes, Eva! Just sign it yourself, will you?”. Go back to Eva and try to get the work order signed.

Walk into the garage to be taken to the Land of the Living. Use your scythe with the parcel to find a grumpy little man inside. After he has been sent “packing” (sorry), go back down to the lobby. Find the room with the two chemicals, and put one of the chemicals inside each deflated balloon. Go up to Manny’s office and use these balloons on his message tube to mess up the server.

Go to the room containing the server, and pick up the fire extinguisher from the wall. Set the bolt on the door, and leave. When the maintenance guy has left, go back in and open the door. Use your punched card with the red message tube to get your first good client.

After being slightly confused, leave your office and walk towards Eva. You find yourself locked in the hut in the garage. Knock on the door, and tell the bloke that you want to get out and expose the DoD.

Once Salvador has introduced you to the LSA, talk to him until you get onto the subject of the eggs. Leave the building via the lift.

Climb the rope of ties, but this time walk around the corner, and enter the office of Domino Hurley through the window. Open his desk drawers to find a lump of coral, and hit his punch-bag until a gum-shield falls down. Pick up both of these objects.

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